Mental Health

1 in 4 North Carolinians report symptoms of anxiety or depression

Better mental health requires better access to mental health care. See the barriers North Carolinians face, and what we’re doing to help.

A Hispanic man in his late fifties reaches for one of his prescription medication bottles as he sits at his dining room table. His laptop computer is open in front of him while sunlight filters in through the window behind him bathing the room with a soft glow of light.

Rx Savings Programs

Making Prescriptions More Affordable

We believe everyone should be able to afford their medication. Our investments in new pharmacy programs and easy-to-use cost-savings tools will help make medications more accessible and affordable for all.

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Drivers of Health

What are drivers of health, and how do they impact the price you pay for health care?

Keeping our communities healthy is a big step in making health care affordable for everyone. With partnerships across North Carolina, we’re addressing the social, economic and environmental factors that burden our health care system and drive up costs.

A middle-aged African American female medical instructor stands at the head of a wooden table holding a clip board in front of six students of varying ethnicities.

Health Care Provider Support

$1.2M for Physician Assistants and Primary Care

Supporting physician assistant programs helps alleviate shortages of primary care providers in rural areas and supports health needs statewide. Learn how we’re investing in PAs and improving access to primary care across North Carolina.

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A young man in a white lab coat and goggles and a young woman in a white lab coat and stripped shirt look at a microscope together in a scientific lab.

Health Care Provider Support

Blue Cross NC Awards Health Sciences Scholarship

Strengthening North Carolina’s health care systems means investing in the next generation of doctors and nurses. We’re supporting our students as they learn to care for the health of our communities.

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A woman with headphones on speaks to her doctor over the computer. Buttons to end the call and go on mute are aligned across the bottom of the screen. The doctor in the screen is wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope.


Doctors Explain the Benefits of Telehealth

Wondering how—and why—telehealth works? Hear from two physicians about the benefits of virtual care and how to navigate a telehealth appointment.

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A mid adult female doctor gestures as she discusses home healthcare options with a senior adult male patient. The man is reading a home healthcare informational brochure.

Blue Premier℠

Paying for Outcomes, Not Procedures

Our industry-leading program, Blue Premier, is making health care more effective and more efficient by coordinating care between doctors, emphasizing the role of primary care, and paying based on outcomes, not procedures.

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Photo from the Blue Premiere shows people in suits and fancy attire sitting in rows in a conference room looking at a stage where 7 men sit on a panel.

Blue Premier℠

Blue Premier: Transforming Health Care

Blue Premier, our groundbreaking program, is transforming health care in North Carolina by putting primary care first, focusing on quality of care over quantity of procedures, and expanding mental health and behavioral health support.

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A young woman wearing a hijab, a mask, blue scrubs, and blue rubber gloves looks down at her tablet.

Cost Estimator

Blue Cross NC Price Transparency Tools

The more transparency members receive, the more affordable their health care becomes. With tools like our Cost Estimator, you can know how much a procedure costs at different providers and choose which one works best for you.

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Blue Connect℠

Blue Connect: 24/7 Self-Service Portal

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, and that’s often the case with our Blue Connect portal. If you’re not up for a phone call with a customer service advocate you can access Blue Connect for ID cards, payments, claims, appeals, and more.

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