A Hispanic man in his late fifties reaches for one of his prescription medication bottles as he sits at his dining room table. His laptop computer is open in front of him while sunlight filters in through the window behind him bathing the room with a soft glow of light.

Rx Savings Solutions Tool

With our prescription savings tool, members can find easy ways to save on medications

Our Rx Savings Solutions tool gives members new opportunities to take an active role in their health care decisions, have a more open dialogue with their providers, and take advantage of cost savings that make better health more affordable.

An older man with a white beard smiles while wearing a white lab coat standing in a pharmacy and shares information with a young woman in glasses, long brown hair, a white shirt, and plaid pants.

Rx Savings Solutions Tool

Ways to Make Care More Affordable

Our Rx Savings Solutions tool was developed to combat the rising cost of prescriptions by helping members find lower-cost alternatives. Learn more about this tool and other ways we’re helping members save.

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